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Tayzcats is a cattery where we own the sire and dam of all our kittens, and we have researched pedigrees extensively before purchasing any breeding cats. We only buy cats that have pedigrees full of “titled” cats from reputable catteries. Our cats have regular worming and vaccines, and are bred for beauty, health, and temperament. All of our cats are pets and part of our household. Your kitten was born in our birthing room in a birthing suite and is used to household sounds such as people’s voices, TV’s, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, children, and other cats. Your kitten has had several baths and has had nails clipped several times, etc. by the time you take it home.

When you purchase a registered cat, you are buying beauty, temperament, personality, and health. We have researched extensively before deciding to breed, and only use breeding cats with stabilized traits that come from generations of selective breeding. Our cats are given love, the best nourishment, as well as excellent medical care.

We have put together this page as an easy resource to reference our recommendations for care, feeding, and overall wellbeing of your Persian kitten!

Food & Litter

Our kittens have been eating mostly dry kitten food since approximately 4-9 weeks of age, along with mother’s milk, to prepare for weaning. We recommend keeping dry food out always (24/7) and feed we food 2-3 times a day. Dry foods: 1. Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Dry Food (Pink Bag) 2. For adult males at the age of 1 year, we recommend switching dry food to the RX food Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy (brown and white bag). This is a prescription food that helps to prevent urinary blocking that males can (but rarely) experience. It is rare, but we recommend being preventative in nature. Your vet probably sells this food or will most likely approve a prescription and you can buy through or some similar site. Canned foods: 1. Royal Canin Mother & Babycat wet kitten food 2. For adult males at the age of about 10-11 months, we transition to Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy canned food (if they will eat it.) This is a prescription food that your vet may sell or you can easily order from Chewy or other sites with your vet’s approval. This is preventative for urinary blockage. If males are only eating dry food, they may be prone to urinary crstals which cause blockage and can be extremely problematic. Our kittens have also been litter trained since the age of 4 weeks. Kittens need non-clumping litter until 6 months of age, because if kittens eat clumping litter, it can be very damaging to their stomach. We use Fresh Step Crystals or Tidy Cats Breeze System with Pellets. Avoid litter with small crystals! It can cause problems getting stuck in their ears and mouth. Kittens like a clean litter box, so clean it daily, if possible!

Basic Grooming Instructions

Long haired cats need to be combed using a greyhound comb several times a week, paying special attention to underside and where legs mett the body. If possible, try to bathe and clip nails every couple of weeks (We have supplied our siggestions in bathing instructions in this packet.) Be sure to comb out mats before wetting them, and dry from a distance on a low heat setting with a hair dryer, taking care not to burn the skin. Leaving the cat wet will cause chills and potentially cause them to get sick. Below you will find the grooming schedule that we follow. There are many YouTube videos and educational videos out there that will show various steps of bathing, drying, clipping nails, sanitary clips, etc. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have. Daily: Comb out coat, wash face and eyes. Weekly or bi-weekly: Bathe, wash inside of ears, trim hair around the point of ears, and hair right around eyes (Be very careful!) Do not cut the “whisker” part unless growing in toward the eyes. Every 2-4 weeks: Trim nails and give sanitary clip (using small, round tipped scissors from a beauty supply). You can also use these to trim hair around the eyes but you must be very very careful.

Product Recommendations & Bathing Instructions

For combing out the coat: greyhound comb (can be purchased online or pet product stores.) We also use the PinkPawPal Grooming Spray. These products can be ordered online. For daily washing of the eyes and face: PinkPawPal Eye & Facial Cleanser and Tear Stain Powder or Eye Envy Wipes. We use quilted cotton rounds from Walmart for application of Cleanser and our fingers or a stiff small brush for the powder, packing it against the growth of the hair. You can also wash out the eyes with human contact solution (saline) if needed. For trimming the eyes, ears, and bootie clips: small round tipped scissors from any beauty supply. You can also buy curved professional onces on pet care grooming sites. For trimming nails, we buy the small pet nail scissors from PetSmart or something similar (Not the file type, but scissor type.) We recommend trimming the nails before the bath, but if not, it can be done while conditioner or de-greaser sits on the coat for a few minutes. For bathing, we use the following for the coat: 1. Orvus WA Paste from Tractor Supply or White Goop (Hand Cleaner) 2. Original Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid. We like to mix a small 12 oz. blue Dawn with 2 oz. CLEAR Iodine for maximum disinfecting and degreasing. **Let this sit. This is a great time to clean the ears, face, clipping nails, etc.** 3. #1 All Systems Super Cleaning and Conditioning Pet Shampoo from Amazon OR Chris Christenson Pro-Line Fair Advantage Sham 4. Pantene 3 Mintue Miracle Conditioner (Daily Moisture Reneral kind at any grocery store) **Let this sit. This is a great time to trim nails if you have not done so.** When bathing, while letting the Blue Dawn soap solution sit a minute, we clean the ears with PinkPawPal Ear Cleansing solution, taking care not to leave liquid down in the ear. You can use cotton rounds to clean the skin and if you are very careful, Q-tips, taking care not to go too deep. Tips for bathing: 1. Comb out the coat well 2. Bathe as above. 3. Towel dry and comb out as best you can before drying. 4. Blow dry on the cool setting, starting with the underside first as much as possible. Blow dry until completely dry. You will want to make sure the hair is dry all the way to the root so that you cannot see any separation in the hair at the root when drying. This really helps tangles and gives a special touch to the look. We highly recommend the Pet Time Pet Dryer for Automatic Drying.

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